Pole Dance

Pole acrobatics is an artistic and extremely powerful performance, on and around the pole. The beautiful acrobat showcases impressive amounts of strength, agility, and flexibility. The pole performance is a hit with all audiences as the artist displays phenomenal routines that highlight her abilities as not only a performer but as an athlete. The stunning show features movements on the pole in combination with elements from gymnastics, contortion, and acrobatics. Showcasing mind-blowing strength, superhuman flexibility, and perfect coordination, the artist performs impossible moves that leave audiences wide-eyed. The audience experiences an acrobatic-sensual performance, which is elegant and contains many dynamic elements and fast spins around the pole.
Well suited for a wide range of events, this pole show is the perfect live stage entertainment choice for events such as gala dinners, ceremonies, corporate dinners, and parties, among others. The free-standing pole is also very suitable for small-sized locations.