Ground Acts

German Wheel

The 11 times World Champions present an artistic show at the highest level. Tricks in the wheel are combined with acrobatics. The constant movement creates dynamic choreographies.

Cyr Wheel + LED

Experience an energy-filled choreographies performed with elegance and precision. The cyr wheel spins fast and has an amazing visual appearance. This act can be upgraded with spectacular built-in LEDs.

Partner Acrobatics

A unique harmonic show of strength, romance & excitement. Inspire your audience by one of the most traditional circus disciplines. This show can be upgraded with the unique Balance Bar.

Pole Dance

This stunning pole act combines pole dancing, gymnastics and flexibility into a vibrant and modern acrobatic show. The elegant female pole dancer will captivate audiences with her skilful and acrobatic routines. 

Lollipop Hoop

This show combines powerful artistry on the pole with the dynamic elements of aerial hoop. The free-standing Lollipop Hoop is perfect when the venue has no rigging points. This unique and astonishing act that will immediately capture your guest’s attention.

LED Juggle Cube

Spinning and twisting with a giant cube. The performer skillfully manipulates giant object and creates geometric and abstract shapes. Extra spectacular with the built-in LEDs which are programmed on the music.

Handstand Box

Acrobatic, dynamic and cirque-inspired, this act showcases impressive strength and flexibility with flair and skills. The audience will admire aesthetic movements with powerful figures shapes.