Cyr Wheel + LED

The artist illuminates the stage with his highly energetic Cyr Wheel Show. The Cyr Wheel is fascinating – as if by magic the artist circles and spins in the wheel. It takes astonishing precision and balance to keep the single hoop in constant motion. The Cyr Wheel has an amazing visual appearance through its fast twisting and turning movements. In the last years, this modern sports discipline got very popular in the world of entertainment. Today’s circus and variety could no longer imagine shows without it. The audience will be fascinated by the spectacular and expressive show of Wheel Sensation. Certainly, your event will create lasting memories. Aesthetical, powerful and unique.

In addition to a standard performance, you can impress your audiences with a stunning LED performance. This one-of-a-kind LED Cyr Wheel Act will surprise and fascinated your guests! It is a dazzling, high-energy LED show with hundreds of color-changing lights. The LED Cyr Wheel Acts is the perfect entertainment for corporate- and gala events, product launches and futuristic-themed events! Customizable light patterns and colors are programmable to suit branding and color schemes. The high-impact LED show will wow your guests as it connects traditional circus entertainment with a futuristic edge. The acrobat creates amazing light patterns as he twists, spins and delivers acrobatic moves on the stage.