Aerial Silks

Leave your audiences breathless with this Aerial Silk Show. An acrobatic aerial act that will defy gravity. Suspended high above the guests on flowing silk fabric, the skilled aerial artist will perform a breath-taking acrobatics routine that will captivate the guests. Be surprised by fast swoops, turn, and spectacular falls to the ground. This act is very visual and takes place high above the heads of the viewers. Let your guests enjoy a high-level aerial performance including beautiful figures and powerful movements. For spacious locations, the duo Aerial Silks Show is a perfect choice. Performing synchronized on two silks or together on one fabric. This is the perfect combination of elegance, beauty, and strength! The duo performance features many dynamic elements and incorporates breath-taking tricks.Both solo- and duo acts can be customizable, so whether you require the aerial silks artist to perform to a requested song, create a personalized choreography or wear some costumes that fit your event’s theme, everything is possible!