Aerial Silks & Cyr - Combination

The combination of a spectacular and expressive Cyr Wheel performance with the elegant and beautiful movements in the Aerial Silks. The act starts as a duet on the ground performing partner acrobatics. They separate to perform Cyr Wheel and Aerial Silks simultaneously. As a highlight, the artists reunite together in the air for a duo silk choreography. This show fills spacious locations, a perfect act for major events. The silk fabric hangs from the ceiling and takes a leading part while the Cyr Wheel is spinning on the ground. It magically circles around the Silks and all movements harmoniously connect. An interplay of gender, feminine elegance and masculine strength! The steady action creates dynamic choreographies with constantly changing impressions. A perfect combination to enthrall the audience!

Book this high energetic performance if you want to impress your guests with a world unique show. Emotional and stirring, acrobatic to be impressed!