Aerial Hoop + LED

Wheel Sensation presents a unique, graceful and exciting acrobatic show in the Aerial Ring. The audience experience a change between elegant movements and fast, breathtaking twists. The artist swings through the air accompanied by entertaining music. Finest nuances in motion create long-lasting images and memories. Enjoy complex acrobatic moves and energy-filled choreographies performed with elegance and precision!
The LED effects make this act an innovative and eye-catching show. The brightly lit aerial artist creates elegant shapes, balances and acrobatic moves. If you are looking for a wow factor glow act the LED hoop will be the ultimate choice. A completely customizable glow act, the color of the LEDs can be set to accommodate your event’s theme.
Depending on the available space, the aerial ring will hang high in the air and can swing through space. LED aerial hoop is a beautiful entertainment option for both indoor and outdoor events and will light up any darkened room or night sky.