About us

Laura and Boy have been training the
German Wheel for more than 20 years. In 2011, the two competitive athletes met at the World Championships, where both won gold. After many other titles, they began their career as artists. They developed shows in the German Wheel and learned many other acrobatic disciplines. Since 2012 the World Champion Duo is performing on international stages under the name ‘Wheel Sensation’. During the last years they performed more than 150 acts each year. German- and Cyr Wheel, Aerial acrobatics, Hand-balancing, Pole and much more. Laura and Boy master more than 10 different acts and combine air and ground acrobatics into sensational artistic shows.

Within the last year the duo performed for gala-shows, theatre productions, varieté shows, corporate and private events, festivals and TV shows. For more details check References.

Besides performances and competitions, Boy and Laura also give Lessons and Workshops. They coach in sports clubs, schools and choreograph acts. 

More information about Laura and Boy you find in our Biography.