Special Effects

German & Cyr Wheel with Special Effects

Do you want more spectacle for your event?
Get ahead of the trend and book special effects for your favorite show from Wheel Sensation.
Show your guests something they have never seen before

Fireworks , Glow in the Dark , LED Lights , Branding with Logo



Pyrotechnics – Sparkling Fireworks
Pyrotechnic effects combined with highly skilled performance in the German Wheel and Cyr Wheel. The highlight of the show is a sparkling and fiery spectacle that is ideal for large event locations. Fireworks give a guarantee for a special surprise that the audience will remember a long time.
Never seen like this before; the artists from Wheel Sensation spin in the wheel and the fireworks shoots directly from the hoop. The whole wheel seems to be a huge spinning fireball. This combination is the perfect final highlight for your event.

The type and size of pyrotechnic effects to be used are tailored to your event venue. Of course, all the necessary permits and licenses will be organized. A professional pyro-technician will be at the venue. A unique and sensational act for TV- and business shows, marketing and corporate events and festivals and open air.

Glow in the Dark
Upgrade the German Wheel act to take it to the next level. Book a Glow in the Dark Show! These amazing effects make your event one of a kind. A great special to surprise your audience. As final of a spectacular German Wheel Show, all lights go out and only the German Wheel glows in the darkness. The performer wears a white outfit that reflects the black light lamps. Strobe effects reveal the wheel with the performer but keep it exciting until the big finale. A must have performance for trendsetters and innovative event organizers. It is possible to include a company logo or a special slogan! For optimal effects, the location should have the possibility of a total blackout. Best performed in a theater.

LED Lights – Acrobatic & Technology

Welcome to the 21st century. Wheel Sensations offer the newest trend: spectacular acrobatic acts with LED lights. An extraordinary addition to the high-intensity Cyr Wheel Act or German Wheel Act. This high-tech feature takes your event to the next level. Whether you want an elegant light show or high energy performance, the LED Show will leave the audience in amazement.

Combine tradition and future – acrobatics and high-tech LED technology. The perfect entertainment for innovative companies, marketing events and live communication. A perfect substitute in case pyrotechnics is not allowed at your venue.

Company Logo – Branding & Marketing

Does your client want to reveal a new product or do you want to promote the logo of your company?
Wheel Sensation can print your company’s logo on our German Wheels. Great for branding and promotion!
A two meter round banner will cover the German Wheel and effectively promote your company or product. The artists steer the rolling logo and perform an amazing acrobatics show. This creative live communication show is a perfect fit for corporate events, product launches and commercial events. Possible to attach on the Solo or German Wheel Act or book it with the Cyr Wheel number. You provide the design, we take care of the rest!

Special Shows – Theme event & party

Nothing is more fun than an event with a theme. We can make our act a perfect fit for your special theme. James Bond, Casino, Color Fantasy, we did it all! We create a customized show acts for your activity. Music, outfits, duration, movements….every detail will emphasize your theme. Show your guests something that creates long-lasting memories! Let us know your theme and special wishes, we develop the perfect acrobatic entertainment for your event.

No budget for special effects? Even without fireworks, the German Wheel Show and Cyr Wheel Show from Wheel Sensation is a certain highlight for your event!