German Wheel

Solo-, Duo-,  Group Show


Book a World Champion for your event, artistic at the highest level! Laura and Boy won both several times the gold medal in the German Wheel World Championships. Since then the athletes perform on the stage and fascinate the audience around the world. Their competition exercise has been transformed into a sensational stage performance. This show combines graceful and elegant elements with power and strength. Be impressed by a sensational and glamorous show that showcases incredible talent.  Your audience is experiencing a world champion combination of breath-taking tricks, dynamic show elements, and high-level acrobatics.

For events in large sports or exhibition halls, the German Wheel Group Show is suitable. The World Champion Duo will be accompanied by elegant german wheel gymnasts. Enchanting pictures arise when several wheels roll synchronously, sometimes even directly past the audience.

Surprise your audience if a spectacular highlight and add the pyro special effects. Enjoy an amazing final with fireworks at the end of the show. For more details see our Special Effects page.


  • Booking Options: Solo (female or male), Duo, Group Show
  • Stage/Area: minimal 10x1m
  • Duration: Standard 8:00 min. Adaptable upon request
  • Customization: possible to chose a special theme, outfit, music and choreography on request.
  • Video

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